Project Videos

In this section, we have some recent videos of what we do on a daily basis here at GWS Pressure Cleaning. When here, you will see our variety of services that we offer in the act and how it would look like if we were to do a job at your house. You will be able to see the different types of equipment we use to clean these outside sceneries as well as our GWS logo in a range of place’s around the job site.

In this video, our employee was strapped up and soft washing the edge of a roof, basically cleaning it so that it could look like it did twenty years ago and finish the job successfully.

In this video, we have almost a before and after video. Here, one of our employees shows the effect a surface cleaner can have on a dirty sidewalk and how much newer it could look after GWS is done with it.

In this video, our employee is sealing the driveway after pressure cleaning it to protect it from different stains or algae that could affect it in a bad way over time.

In this video, we see two employees, one rinsing the bushes so that the chemical that comes out of the hose doesn't kill all the plants. The other one is soft washing the roof of the house so it can look as if it was just bought once done.

In this video, we see one of our employees on a job, using a surface cleaner to fix up a dirty pathway that goes into our clients home by making circular motions with the machine.

In this video, we see two of our employees working with special machines to clean the worn out roof through the soft wash process until it looked substantially better.

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I have used GWS twice in the past few years and EACH time, I am amazed at the hard work ethic displayed by the technicians. They are friendly, personable, understanding, and efficient. You won't regret working with them!

Alex M.

Not only was I charged a very competitive, fair price, he was able to get the job done same day. He pressure washed my whole house so it looked great, especially the one side that always faces away from sun and gets very dark. Highly recommend this business!

Daisy F.

We have 3 kids in our family. They are always running and playing football and soccer around. Because of that, our siding is always dirty with ball marks and stuff. We called GWS and they showed up in 45 minutes and after that, our siding looked like it was new. Very well done!

James K.